Bijoux et accessoires de lunettes



I am a big dreamer and I know it.

I can’t hide that my head in the clouds from time to time but I still remain very close to people.


My professional background is quite original. Getting a master in hospitality management allowed me to work in a Parisian hotel which I then left to continue my career in hospitality in Bordeaux. And not so long ago I dropped everything to reinvent my life and create my own little business, Socool.

Creating the world of Socool is something I am passionate about and gives me great pleasure.



La marque de chaînes de lunettes et de bijoux uniques au style vintage. Toutes les créations sont fabriquées dans notre atelier sur le bassin d'Arcachon.



The crazy adventure of creating the Socool brand was born while I was travelling.

In September 2018 I set off on a trip to explore Indonesia with a glasses cord around my neck.

Straight away I am seduced by the cord for its practical side more than its aesthetic aspect.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) I couldn’t find any coco up to my taste.

That’s when I decided to create one. I then created a second one, then a third one and that’s how Socool was born.

Socool is inspired by the sun, the surf, the travels, the colours, the smell of monoï and the love on the beach. ♡